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using the new tools 

our tools on Quebec’s disability law


New accessibility requirements for the inside of apartments

Image of an apartment

The Quebec government has just adopted regulations setting minimal accessibility requirements for the inside of certain new apartments. With some exceptions, these requirements will apply to apartments located on the ground floor or on a floor accessible by elevator in buildings with more than 2 floors and more than 8 units.

Designers will get to choose between two levels of accessibility:

  • Minimal Accessibility

These units will allow people with limited mobility to access and move around in a few rooms (living room, dining room and washroom).

  • Adaptability

These standards are stricter. Adaptable units will allow people with limited mobility to access and move around in several rooms (living room, dining room, washroom, kitchen, at least one bedroom, and the balcony, if there is one).

These units will be easier to adapt to the needs of people with disabilities later on because they include the necessary equipment and surfaces. For example, the height of the plumbing equipment in these units can be adjusted.

The difference in the cost of these two levels of accessibility is very small (around $300 per unit).

The new regulations take effect on September 1st, 2018, but they won’t be applied until September 2020.  Continue reading New accessibility requirements for the inside of apartments

New Federal Accessibility Bill Receives No Coverage in the French Media

On June 20, the federal government presented Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act. Canada’s disability community has been waiting for this bill for decades. The bill aims to eliminate and prevent barriers facing people with disabilities in areas within the power of the federal government (ex: employment, the physical environment, information technologies). If passed, the bill would help ensure the full inclusion and social participation of more than 600 000 Quebecers with disabilities.

Although this historic event was covered in the major anglophone media (CBC, The Globe and Mail, CTV, The Star, National Post), it received no coverage in the francophone media. This is unacceptable. Disability issues are social issues that affect us all. They deserve better media coverage.

Quebec Accessible denounces this oversight in the French media. Like all other citizens, the voices and experiences of people with disabilities deserve to be heard. How can we critically examine the issues that affect us and ensure that our rights and freedoms are respected if our issues are ignored by the media?

We urge the French media to give equal attention to disability issues. Let’s unite our voices and take the space we deserve in Quebec society! Please share this message with your networks.

Overview of Bill C-81: The Accessible Canada Act

Canadian flag
Canadian flag

The disability community has been advocating for a federal accessibility law for decades. On June 20, the Government of Canada finally tabled Bill C-81, the proposed Accessible Canada Act. If passed, this bill could go a long way in reducing barriers facing people with disabilities.

Unfortunately, the bill only applies to areas within the power of the federal government, such as:

  • broadcasting and telecommunications
  • travel between provinces by plane, train, bus or ferry
  • banks
  • postal services
  • Parliament

Below is an overview of the bill and recommendations for improving it. Hopefully this new bill will inspire Quebec to update its own disability law. Continue reading Overview of Bill C-81: The Accessible Canada Act