Provincial Elections: Tools to Lobby Candidates for a New Accessibility Law!

Hand putting a ballot into a ballot box. Quebec flag in the background.
Provincial elections

Quebec Accessible has created bilingual tools to help you lobby political candidates for a strong accessibility law during the upcoming provincial elections. They’re available on our website. Please share these tools with your networks. Use them to convince candidates and parties to commit to adopting a strong provincial accessibility law.

Fact Sheet

We’ve created a fact sheet that explains why Quebec needs a strong accessibility law. It gives an overview of the disability community and the barriers we face. It points out the gaps in Quebec’s current legal framework and gives examples of stronger accessibility laws in other provinces and countries.


We’ve also put together a list of twelve principles that should guide the development of Quebec’s new accessibility law. They address issues like the goal, scope and enforcement of the new law. They demand that people with disabilities be involved in every stage of the law’s development and oversight.

Commitments from Candidates

Quebec Accessible has written to the leaders of the main political parties asking them to commit to adopting a strong provincial accessibility law guided by our twelve principles during their first mandates. We’ll keep you updated on their responses.

We encourage you to ask other political candidates to also commit to adopting a strong provincial accessibility law guided by our twelve principles. Raise this issue during political debates and meetings. The more often candidates hear about the need to adopt a new law, the more likely they are to make this a political priority.


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