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Two Lawyers Support the Adoption of a Law on Universal Accessibility

In an article entitled “La discrimination fondée sur le handicap ou le moyen pour le pallier: concepts fondamentaux et évolution nécessaire” published in the Revue du Barrreau, Me Maurice Drapeau and Me Alexis Aubry argued that Quebec has some catching up to do to meet its duty to accommodate people with disabilities, and that we need a new accessibility law. These lawyers assert that Quebec’s existing disability law, the Act to Secure Handicapped Persons in the Exercise of Their Rights, is “insufficient, as it does not establish any performance obligation and does not apply to the private sector.” Quebec Accessible couldn’t agree more!

Me Aubry and Me Drapeau stress that a new accessibility law must establish a reasonable deadline for making all of Montreal’s metro stations accessible. It must also include obligations for the employment of persons with disabilities.

Me Aubry and Me Drapeau’s persuasive article clearly shows the need for a new provincial accessibility law to promote an increased recognition of our rights. “How do individuals claim the right to equality in the exercise of their rights if there is no legal obligation to eliminate at their source the many barriers they encounter in their daily travels? Socially, we must do more. History is unfolding before us and has not been written yet.” They conclude, “Defending the right to equality is a steady, ongoing effort to overcome discrimination.”

The future is in our hands!

SAQ stores to be accessible to people with disabilities

On December 2, the CDPDJ announced that all SAQ outlets would be made accessible to people with disabilities.  As welcome as this announcement is, it demonstrates the inadequacy of the current Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights with a view to achieving social, school and workplace integration. This law fails to remove barriers and obliges people with disabilities to file a separate complaint for every barrier they encounter.  That needs to stop!

Screenshot of CDPDJ's press release about SAQ stores

A Holiday Brunch With Quebec Accessible

Saturday, December 19, 2015 from noon to 2:30 pm

The Espace La Fontaine bistro (located in Parc La Fontaine) 3933, avenue du Parc-La Fontaine, Montréal

Quebec Accessible invites you to celebrate the holidays with us at a brunch to be held at the Espace Lafontaine bistro in Montréal.It’ll be an opportunity for us to get know each other a little better and to talk about accessibility in a relaxed setting.

Have a look at the menu to whet your appetite and get an idea of the prices.

RSVP by e-mail or leave a message on our event wall.

Accessibility: the accessible entryway, with automatic doors, is located at the side of the building. There is an accessible washroom, but the door is not automatic.If you will need an interpreter, please let us know before December 13.

See you soon!

The Quebec Accessible team