Quebec Accessible at RadLaw

On January 30, Me Melanie Benard and Laurence Parent presented at the McGill Radlaw conference, “In the Streets and in the Courts : un forum de droit radical 2016“. They gave a historic overview of Quebec’s disability rights movement and legislation, highlighting the urgent need for legislative reform to ensure the full social participation of people with disabilities in Quebec.

We’d like to thank the organizers of this Forum for inviting us!

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

Québec accessible invited to present at COPHAN

On January 20, Québec accessible was invited to present to COPHAN (confederation of disabled people organisations) membres. It’s in front of a full room that Me Melanie Benard and Laurence Parent discussed the progress made by the current law in Quebec and highlighted its shortcomings by comparing it to stricter laws that exist elsewhere, such as in Ontario.

Yolaine Ruel, Senior Policy Advisor on Accessibility and Diversity at University of Ottawa, also shared her experience with implementing the law in Ontario. A question period allowed people to share their opinions and put forward ideas.

We want to thank COPHAN for inviting Québec accessible!


Click on the following links to download Me Melanie Benard’s presentation (in French) in PowerPoint format or in Word format.

Présentation à la COPHAN
Présentation à la COPHAN

Happy holidays!

It’s a time for summing things up and reflecting. For Québec accessible, 2015 was the year when five friends headed out on a new adventure. During this, our first year of existence, we met with a lot of people and a number of Québec and Ontario organizations to discuss Québec’s accessibility law and to better understand Ontario’s. While were delighted to discover an increasingly pressing interest in a new law in Québec, it was also a year during which we came face to face with austerity measures and the need to struggle to protect necessary services. This difficult situation was the incubator for Québec accessible’s birth.

Nonetheless, we aren’t discouraged. In 2016, we look forward to continuing to meet with people to discuss their rights and to understand their accessibility needs in diverse social settings (education, housing, communications, the built environment, etc.). With this information, we will be in a better position to develop the tools necessary to promote a law that guarantees an accessible Québec for people with disabilities and the deaf. As we have no subsidies, we have launched a social financing campaign to raise the money we need to continue our work in 2016. Every little bit helps! Visit our Indiegogo website to make a donation – large or small.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone, both near and far, who helped us create and sustain Québec accessible. It is our hope that 2016 will be marked by a growing solidarity and a more far-reaching recognition of everyone’s right to a dignified life!

Happy Holidays!

Laurence, Marie-Eve, Melanie, Michel and Pierre

Québec accessible