Customer Service Standards

The AODA’s Customer Service Standards were adopted in 2008.

Image of a woman providing customer service support by phone.
Customer Service
Accessibility Policies

Organizations must develop policies for providing equal and integrated access to goods and services for people with disabilities. These policies must respect people’s dignity and independence. They must deal with the use of assistive devices.

Organizations with at least 50 employees must document their policies, make them public and provide them in an accessible format upon request.


Organizations must train their employees and volunteers about accessibility. Training must include information about how to interact and communicate with people with disabilities, and how to use accessibility equipment.

Service Animals and Support Persons

Organizations must allow people with disabilities to be accompanied by service animals and support persons. They must give advance notice of admission fees for support persons.

Service dog
Service dog

Organizations must establish a process for receiving and responding to feedback about accessibility. This process must be accessible to people with disabilities.

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