Employment Standards

The AODA’s Employment Standards were adopted in 2011.

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Employers must tell the public that accommodations are available for job candidates with disabilities. This means including information about accommodations in their job postings.

Accommodations for Employees

Employers must develop policies to support employees with disabilities, including by providing accommodations. They must inform their staff about these policies.

Employers must have a written process for developing individual accommodation plans for employees with disabilities.

They must give information in an accessible format and communication supports upon request.

They must also develop a return-to-work process for employees who have been absent due to a disability.

Evaluations and Promotions

Employers must consider accessibility needs when evaluating performance, giving promotions or reassigning employees with disabilities.


Employers must give individualized workplace emergency response information to employees with disabilities, if needed.

Emergency evacuation chair

Emergency evacuation chair

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