Public Spaces Standards

Accessible playground
Accessible playgrounds

The AODA’s Design of Public Spaces Standards were adopted in 2012. They apply to new or renovated outdoor spaces like parks, picnic areas, beaches, sidewalks and parking spaces. They include technical requirements for things like:

  • ramps
  • stairs
  • boardwalks
  • picnic tables
  • signs
  • service counters
  • waiting areas


Accessible beach
Accessible beaches


Municipalities must consult their Accessibility Advisory Committees when building or renovating recreational trails, parks, outdoor rest areas and on-street parking spaces. Other organizations must consult with the public and people with disabilities when building or renovating these spaces.

Accessibility Plans

In their accessibility plans, organizations must include a process for maintaining accessibility features in outdoor public spaces. They must also include a process for dealing with temporary disruptions when these features aren’t working.

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