First Version of Quebec’s Law (1978)

The Quebec government adopted the Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights in 1978. Among other things, this law:



  • Planned for the development of accessible sidewalks and parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities;


  • Required the OPHQ to maintain a register of accessible housing units (This obligation was removed later on);


  • Required owners of buildings open to the public to submit a plan ensuring the accessibility of their buildings within five years (This obligation was removed later on);


  • Planned for the accessibility of public transportation within a reasonable timeframe;


  • Planned for the accessibility of phone services within a reasonable timeframe;


  • Required employers with at least fifty employees to submit a plan to the OPHQ regarding the hiring of people with disabilities within a reasonable timeframe (This obligation was removed later on);


  • Allowed for special classes for children with disabilities;


  • Allowed for the schooling of people with disabilities until the age of twenty-one, if needed.


Quebec’s disability law was amended in 2004.
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