Photo of apartment building
Photo of apartment building


The government disability office (OPHQ) must ensure that people with disabilities are given help to find accessible housing.


In 2012, the OPHQ had funded a few projects aimed at developing a register of accessible or adaptable housing units. These projects had mixed results.

In 2018, draft regulations were proposed regarding the accessibility inside of new housing units. These requirements would apply to units located on floors with an entrance or served by an elevator in all new residential buildings with more than two floors and more than eight units. If this regulation is adopted, people with disabilities should be able to access certain rooms and circulate freely in their units. Designers and contractors would be able to choose between minimal accessibility and adaptability requirements.


The OPHQ should maintain a registry of accessible or adapted housing units.

The new proposed regulation should require all new housing units to be adaptable.


*For more information about Quebec’s disability law, click here.