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Overview of Bill C-81: The Accessible Canada Act

Canadian flag
Canadian flag

The disability community has been advocating for a federal accessibility law for decades. On June 20, the Government of Canada finally tabled Bill C-81, the proposed Accessible Canada Act. If passed, this bill could go a long way in reducing barriers facing people with disabilities.

Unfortunately, the bill only applies to areas within the power of the federal government, such as:

  • broadcasting and telecommunications
  • travel between provinces by plane, train, bus or ferry
  • banks
  • postal services
  • Parliament

Below is an overview of the bill and recommendations for improving it. Hopefully this new bill will inspire Quebec to update its own disability law. Continue reading Overview of Bill C-81: The Accessible Canada Act

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Canada 1 / Quebec 0

On December 1st, the Government of Canada announced that it was starting the process of ratifying the  Optional Protocol of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). It’s about time! Ninety-two countries have already ratified the Protocol.

Canada ratified the CRPD in 2010, but it hasn’t yet ratified the Optional Protocol. Essentially, this Protocol would allow Canadian organizations and citizens to file a complaint with the UN if their rights aren’t respected. Canada, the provinces and the territories will therefore have a new incentive to create an accessible and inclusive society!

In a video highlighting the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, reminds us that “people with disabilities still face barriers to fully participating in society both in Canada and around the world”. The Minister, herself a disabled person, invites us to join her in “celebrating Canadians with disabilities and embrace a cultural change about accessibility and inclusion in Canadian society”. Continue reading International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Canada 1 / Quebec 0

Participate in the Public Consultation on the Proposed Federal Accessibility Law

The Government of Canada has launched a public consultation about the proposed federal accessibility law. This law will promote equal opportunities and increase the inclusion and participation of Canadians with disabilities.

Individuals are invited to share their ideas and experiences about the barriers they face. For more information about the consultation , click here.

To complete the government’s survey , click here .

Let’s all share our experiences to ensure that the new federal law addresses our needs!

Communication access on the radio

Could radio become accessible for Deaf people who use sign language? Yes! Véro Leduc, Executive Director of the Centre québécois pour la déficience auditive, explains how in an interview on Radio-Canada.

This excellent interview gives a glimpse of the barriers faced by the Deaf community. For example, unlike more than 60 countries who have officially recognized their sign languages, Quebec Sign Language (QSL) and American Sign Language (ASL) are not recognized as official languages in Quebec or Canada.

Communication access is part of Quebec Accessible’s vision for a new provincial accessibility law.

Click here to watch and listen to the interview (in French and QSL).