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Where is the cheapest pharmacy to get adderall /adderall or is it a different pharmacy entirely. And if anyone knows where is the cheapest pharmacy to buy oxycodone or oxycontin from I'd like to know so that I can give a different recommendation. (and I know people that have actually used this drug and don't need any more than the generic). anon174460 Post 5 I'm currently taking the generic version of this prescription drug to ease anxiety caused by my recent divorce. It makes me feel like an animal, I have to get up at 4 a.m. to take a pill. It is shame because this prescription drug is just not worth it. It doesn't help me work at night. It doesn't help me get a proper night's sleep. I have to take this drug at 4 a.m. It makes me nervous and I don't trust myself. even know what it is I'm taking but I know a lot of people that have similar issues. They are all telling me their good news but I just can't believe don't know what I'm doing. This has made me feel like a complete loser, it is so hard to take the pill and I can feel like am just wasting my time. I feel really bad for all the people who are on this medication, we the ones that pay price of these "new and innovative" pills they are advertising. It is really sad to where to buy adderall substitute me but I can't take it anymore. There are many things on this world that need to be fixed before I consider taking this medication again. view entire post anon174598 Post 4 I'm an 18-year-old male who has been taking this for about two weeks. I take it once a day. My mood swings have been mild, but that's not saying much. It just doesn't help me focus on anything, and my energy is low. I do feel good and happy, just feeling low or depressed. I've had my mom take it, as well my father. Both gave me a prescription for this, but it just doesn't seem to help them very much. view entire post anon176606 Post 3 I have been using this for a while now and it doesn't seem to make me feel any better. I would rather have an effective antidepressant than addictive drug, and this one only helps me for a short time. anon174869 Post 2 I am taking this every day. I've been taking the generic version for a couple of years, and I am finding it to be less effective as well. Sometimes, I have a really difficult time taking the pill and I don't take it the entire day. I have had to take medication in the past (like Trazodone) order to get me take it, but with this, I get to take it at 4 o'clock in the morning, even if I'm already tired and have a hard time concentrating. Also, one of my friends used to take it for depression, but we stopped a while, and then he began popping it regularly. was very hard for me to stop taking it for a while, especially when he was starting to do it regularly. So, that's the main reason I have cut my use a little. I also take an antidepressant for anxiety, and I don't feel as bad about taking the medication. I would say that, if had to choose between this and an where to buy synthetic adderall effective antidepressant, my heart would go out to the people who take this because it works, so do if that's what helps you. This is not for everyone and I am not a doctor, so take things as they come. view entire post anon174589 Post 1 I have been using this for two months. I have no appetite and trouble concentrating at work. I was prescribed the generic version, which I took for three weeks. Now I'm on the prescription for 10-15 days. My mom says she's not worried about me using it, as I'm a little more stable on it than I once was. However, have noticed that I some energy. anon173494 Post 0 I have been taking this for the past several weeks. I have an anxiety disorder (which I think is related to my family history, but it's hard to pinpoint). This is the first medication I have ever tried (in the last 5 years). I have had my anxiety treated with benzodiazepines, but they have become a nuisance and I can't keep them at home. I have been taking the generic version of this for about 6 weeks now, and I've noticed very little difference to my anxiety. Now I have taken it for about another few weeks and I have noticed a slight weight loss. My mom has noticed that I have a little bit more energy and that I eat less food. It doesn't feel like much, but I will say that it's enough.
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